Russian Railways press trips

Moscow's new ring                                        Rail Engineer - December 2017
The new Moscow Centre Circle Railway

Night train to Moscow                                                Railstaff - July 2016
Paris to Moscow train journey

BAM looks to the future                                            Railway Gazette International - October 2014
Upgrading programme to double the capacity of the BAM

Moscow to Neryungri Part One                              Railstaff - August 2014
My journey on the Trans Siberian Railway from Moscow to Irkutsk

Moscow to Neryungri Part Two                              Railstaff - September 2014
My trip on a special train for construction veterans from Irkutsk to Tynda to celebrate 40 years since BAM construction started

Russia celebrates the BAM                                       Railstaff - July 2014
Celebrations to mark 40th year since start of construction of the Baikal Amur Mainline (BAM)

Last lap for Russian railways                                   Rail Engineer - August 2013
Update on Winter Olympic projects around Sochi

Russian Railways shoot for Olympic gold           Rail Engineer - August 2012
Construction of new lines around Sochi and new rolling stock for the Winter Olympics

Snow and Gas in Arctic Russia                                 Railstaff - April 2012
Snow clearance demonstration on a line build by Gulag prisoners, from where a new 572 km line to the gas fields reaches 70° North

Circum Baikal - Siberia's Golden Buckle              Railstaff - December 2011
The most difficult part of the Trans-Siberian Railway to build, now a single-track branch-line tourist railway

Trans Siberian Landbridge                                        Rail Engineer - December 2011
Russian Railways plans for freight on the Trans Siberian Railway

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