Electrification work

EGIP Electrification Clearance Woes                                                                                  Rail Engineer - March 2016
IA explanation of the changes of electrification clearance standards, one of the reasons for the delay of the Edinburgh to Glasgow electrification work 

141 days at Queen Street                                                                                                     Rail Engineer - Augusr 2016
Innovative techniques used for low cost electrification of the Paisley Canal line

Edinburgh to Glasgow works                                                                                          Rail Engineer - February 2016
Edinburgh to Glasgow electrification work over Christmas 2015 at Anniesland and around Linlithgow. Also reports on the renewal of six points at Haymarket

Carmuirs Canal Clearance                                                                                                        Rail Engineer - April 2015
The Forth & Clyde canal passed over Carmuirs tunnel which was replaced with an aqueduct as part of the electrification clearance work

Winchburgh's 44 day blockage                                                                                          Rail Engineer - August 2015
Why the installation of slab track in Winchburgh tunnel blocked the Edinburgh to Glasgow main line for 44 days

EGIP - Cutback or transformation                                                                                          Rail Engineer - June 2013
How the EGIP programme is to deliver capacity improvements with significant cost savings over the original proposal

Cheap Canal Electrification                                                                                           Rail Engineer - December 2012
Innovative techniques used for low cost electrification of the Paisley Canal line

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