IMechE Railway Challenge

Biggest challenge yet                                          Rail Engineer - August 2017
The sixth railway challenge

A testing weekend at Stapleford                     Rail Engineer - August 2016
The fifth railway challenge

Junior Railway Challenge                                             Railstaff - August 2015
Competition during Railway Engineering summer school at University of Huddersfield -organised by Smallpeice Trust (not IMechE but seems an appropriate place to include this article)

Biggest ever challenge                                        Rail Engineer - August 2015
The fourth year of the railway challenge

A Challenging weekend                                       Rail Engineer - August 2014
The 2014 Railway Challenge -As I was in Russia at the time this article was written to the Editor of The Rail Engineer, Nigel Wordsworth whose permission to publish this on my website is appreciated.

A challenge for 2014                                       Rail Engineer - December 2013
Report outlining benefits to the industry of the Railway Challenge

Rising to the Railway Challenge                       Rail Engineer - August 2013
The second railway challenge - what went right & what went wrong

IMechE goes Loco                                                  Rail Engineer - August 2012
Report of the Railway Division's first Railway Challenge