Oddities and Novelties at Railtex                                               Rail Engineer - July 2017
Report from Railtex 2017

Track monitoring by train                                                            Rail Engineer - April 2011
The new measurement train

Measurements on the move                                                     Rail Engineer - March 2011
The structures gauging train

Projects outside Scotland

Manchester United by Ordsall Chord                                     Rail Engineer - January 2018
How newly-opening Ordsall Chord unites Manchester and removes conflicts at Piccadilly Station

Ordsall Chord - Vandalism or Progress                                     Rail Engineer - April 2016
How planning decision on Ordsall Chord project balances harm done and project benefits

Cummersdale makeover                                                       Rail Engineer - February 2012
Refurbushment of Cummersdale Viaduct near Carlisle

Rail re-openings

After Borders - what next?                                                        Rail Engineer - March 2016
Report on possible rail re-openings


Wheel counting in Vienna                                                  Rail Engineer - December 2015
Report on latest developments with Axle Counters from 2015 Wheel Detection Forum in Vienna


Smartcards are coming                                                                  Rail Engineer - April 2013
DfT strategy for introduction of Smartcards and ITSO standard