Specific innovations
Hydrail comes of age                                                    Rail Engineer - January 2018
Hydrogen powered trains, in particular Alstom's hydrogen powered iLint train 
Panasonic's Proactive CCTV                                  Rail Engineer - November 2017
Benefits of smart CCTV at stations and elsewhere
Freight train of the future                                      Rail Engineer - September 2015
European research project with Network Rail and British Universities having a leading role
Reliability through redundancy                            Rail Engineer - September 2015
Development of a new switch design using aerospace principles of multiple redundancy and failsafe mechanisms
Something to Bragg about                                                   Rail Engineer - June 2015
A closed loop pantograph system using the shift in Bragg wavelength in optical fibres
Pods go the last mile                                                               Rail Engineer - July 2014
Heathrow Terminal 5 ULTra Pods - a personal rapid transit system
DMU energy breakthrough                                                   Rail Engineer - July 2014
An innovation developed by a consortium of Ricardo, Artemis and Bombardier than could give 50% fuel savings where DMUs operate on services with frequent stops
Thumping good trackbed testing                                      Rail Engineer - May 2013
Use of Falling Weight Deflectometer to assess trackbed condition