Articles on Scottish Station Projects

No pane without gain                                                                                                                 Rail Engineer - April 2011
Refurbishment and re-glazing of Edinburgh Waverley Roof

Delivering dramatic Dalmarnock                                                                                             Rail Engineer - July 2013
Rebuilding Dalmarnock station for 2014 Glasgow's Commonwealth Games

Haymarket's tenfold expansion                                                                                               Rail Engineer - July 2013
Rebuilding Haymarket station to cope with increasing number of passengers. For me this was a nostalgic article to write as I was responsible for the steam crane that put the old footbridge in position in 1983

Stirling work                                                                                                                                   Rail Engineer - July 2016
Re-glazing Stirling roof

Edinburgh's new Gateway                                                                                                 Rail Engineer - January 2017
Edinbugh's new station that provides a tram interchange to airport

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