Traction & Rolling Stock

Hydrail comes of age                                                                Rail Engineer - January 2018
Hydrogen powered trains, in particular Alstom's hydrogen powered iLint train

Building ScotRail's 385s                                                      Rail Engineer - November 2017
The construction of class 385s units at Hitachi's Newton Aycliffe plant

The Italian Job                                                                                     Rail Engineer - July 2017
Building GWR's class 802 units at Hitachi's Pistoia's plant

ScotRail's "new" HSTs                                                                  Rail Engineer - April 2017
How ScotRail are refurbishing HSTs for Scottish inter-city services

New trains in their thousands                                               Rail Engineer - March 2017
With orders for 5,670 rail vehicles, about half the UK rolling stock fleet is to be replaced in the next five years

From TESCO to SNC Lavalin                                               Rail Engineer - November 2016
However Interfleet was orginally a TESCO and became SNC Lavalin

Building the P2                                                                                   Rail Engineer - May 2016
Contruction of the P2 steam locomotive using modern engineering techniques